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Introducing Aubin: a new type of journey planner app, designed with the autistic community, for the autistic community.

At JNCTION, we are developing a new journey planner app designed to make travel on public transport easier for people on the autism spectrum: Aubin.

Unlike other journey planner apps, Aubin includes specially designed features to make your journey less stressful.

Aubin uses JNCTION’s new route planning technology and detailed descriptions of each transport interchange to plan different routes: not the fastest or cheapest, but the least stressful. When there is disruption on the user’s route, Aubin suggests alternative routes or methods of travel by using the user’s saved preferences to help them get to their destination.

Aubin’s special features:

  • New route planning technology, and a comprehensive new database of railway stations and other crowdsourced information, to work out alternative routes when a journey is disrupted
  • Fully-customisable autism alert card to help communication with transport staff and fellow-passengers
  • Emergency call button to alert a named contact
  • Instructions to help negotiate interchanges and find station exits in clear visual, audio, and written formats
  • Easy to use and always helpful when changes and disruption occur
  • Android and iPhone versions

Aubin is being developed with help from the Autistic community, with special thanks to The National Autistic Society and The Mouth That Roars, who have provided help and input so far.

Aubin was one of ten projects chosen by London Midland as part of its 2017 LMLabs innovation accelerator programme and received seed funding to complete phase one of the development of the Aubin concept and requirements.

In 2018 Aubin won development funding to build a fully working prototype app. We expect to have prototypes ready for trialling in Autumn 2018.

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Tel: +44(0) 20 3011 1008


Twitter: @aubinapp

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